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Students launch StFX’s first financial news publication

October 17th, 2017
L-r, StFX students Jack Evans and James Bouchard, founders of X-Markets Monthly

StFX has its first financial news publication, thanks to two enterprising fourth year students who have founded X-Markets Monthly, a one-page, double-sided monthly focused on the Canadian economy.

The first issue came out on Oct. 2, and will be subsequently published on the first Monday of each month, say editor-in-chief Jack Evans, an honours economics student from Calgary, AB, and managing director James Bouchard, a finance student from Calgary, both graduates of Rundle College high school, who have taken on this initiative on their own accord.

Both students say the publication, dedicated to delivering the month’s most influential financial information as well as sector and economic analysis, has met with positive feedback.

They say too that it’s been a cool experience to see the publication get off the ground.

“It’s fun. It’s been really neat to try to start something new,” says Mr. Evans, who came up with the idea for a financial news publication after meetings with members of the investment banking community in Toronto. He recalls meeting someone whose LinkedIn profile listed their university’s financial paper.

He approached Mr. Bouchard to see if he would be interested in starting a publication at StFX. He was. 

“We thought the campus would benefit from that,” they say, noting as first and second year students they would have liked to have such a publication around.

They approached a StFX business faculty member with the idea, and again received positive feedback.

Gerald Schwartz School of Business faculty members and director Dr. Tim Hynes have been extremely supportive of their efforts, they say.

Mr. Evans and Mr. Bouchard write the publication’s top story, this month focused on Canada's proposed tax reform. Other articles are written by students from the StFX Economic Society, the Schwartz Business Society, and the Schwartz Investment Society. They also ask a StFX alumnus to write about a financial issue of interest.

Along with Mr. Evans and Mr. Bouchard, the X-Markets team members include fellow students, chief economist Samantha Blair, chief financial analysis Mitch Martell, chief of publication Matt Benoit and director of communications Ryan Finn.

“It’s kind of cool bringing together a lot of different groups who wouldn’t necessarily get together,” Mr. Bouchard says.

“The coolest thing for me is the awesome team of people we have,” Mr. Bouchard says.

Mr. Evans says he hopes the publication will continue many years after they’ve graduated from StFX, with new students getting involved who may want to change and expand. “It’s been really neat to start something that may be around for a long time,” he says. “It’s always nice to try to leave something a little better than you found it.”

The print copy of X-Markets Monthly is available in the Schwartz School and at the information desk in Bloomfield Centre. The publication is also available online, where interested people can follow the links to subscribe, and follow X-Markets Monthly on its facebook page

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