Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada

About the Mulroney Institute


The Mulroney Institute of Government comprises several inter-related functions and activities. It is a Senate-approved research institute within StFX that unites and links diverse faculty research interests related to public policy and governance issues.  The Institute is associated with several undergraduate teaching programs, including a new inter-disciplinary undergraduate teaching program (Bachelor of Arts in Public Policy and Governance) that complements many other academic teaching programs at StFX. The Institute provides newly-constructed physical infrastructure for teaching, research, informal learning, public presentations, and research networking.  

Prime Minister Brian Mulroney with Nelson Mandela

The Institute offers a number of programs and events designed to support student learning, faculty research, public outreach, civic engagement, and attraction of eminent public policy scholars and professionals to StFX University.  Finally, it provides a space that celebrates public policy and administration, government, and public leadership through displays, architectural features, as well as exhibits and archive materials that focus on the policy and governance impacts of Prime Minister Brian Mulroney.

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