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More2gether Campaign

More2gether Vaccination Campaign

More2gether -- StFX's drive to encourage vaccinations

Over the last number of weeks, both federal and provincial governments have shared encouraging news regarding accelerated timelines for vaccine delivery and distribution, with some jurisdictions going as far to project that most of their citizens could receive two doses of vaccine by the end of the summer. Although the timeline for all jurisdictions to receive two doses remains less certain, the message shared by public health officials has been clear: the COVID-19 vaccine is our path towards a return to normalcy. 

With this in mind, today StFX University is launching an awareness campaign encouraging all students and employees to get their two doses of an approved COVID-19 vaccine at first opportunity. The More2gether campaign aims to amplify the message that has already been shared by public health officials in Nova Scotia: the more people in our communities who are vaccinated, the more quickly we can return to normal life with fewer restrictions. This is especially important as we look forward to the upcoming academic year, recognizing that students, faculty, and teaching staff alike are eager to safely resume many of the immersive community, teaching, and research opportunities put on hold because of COVID-19.

Although taking the COVID-19 vaccine is not mandated for employees and students returning to campus, the university is strongly recommending that all members of the StFX community follow the advice of public health officials and receive two doses of an approved vaccine at the first available opportunity.  It is understood that not all of our campus community may have access to vaccines, but the university remains committed to working with the province to do everything possible to assist those who arrive to StFX with fewer than two doses. We will keep the campus community updated as we learn more over the summer.

See the link below for some graphics that we invite you to download and share:

Social Media Graphics

Please continue to use the #XOutCovid hashtags to help reinforce our messages and be watching for updated social media posts. We hope you will share the new iterations we are planning to promote throughout the summer. Finally, please review the frequently asked questions included at the end of this message.

I invite you to join the university on this important campaign, so we can look forward to an academic year where it is possible to do More2gether.



Andy W. Hakin

President and Vice-Chancellor

St. Francis Xavier University

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