Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada
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Study in Canada

International students enrich our diverse campus family with global perspectives. Here, you’ll find a welcoming community with many resources and supports in place to help you adjust to studying in Canada.

Students choose to study in Canada for many reasons, including the vast beauty of our large country, our multicultural society, safe communities, and affordable education. The academic standards of Canadian universities are recognized worldwide. Here at St. Francis Xavier University, for instance, we have been ranked the best undergraduate school in the country by the national Maclean’s magazine five times.

Quick facts

Geography and Population: Canada is the world’s second largest country, with a population of just over 35 million.

Currency: The dollar is the currency of Canada. It is referred to in slang as the ‘buck,’ or the ‘loonie’ because of the loon on the back of the dollar coin. The two-dollar coin is called the toonie (two loonies).

Climate: We have four distinct seasons in Canada, and our climate varies quite a bit from coast to coast. Here in Nova Scotia, we are almost entirely surrounded by water and our climate is one of the most moderate in Canada. Find out more about Nova Scotia weather.


On-campus advice and support:

Studying in Canada can be an adjustment. At StFX, the Office of Internationalization can help. The Office provides you with advice, support and referral services on topics like immigration, travel, finances, housing, health issues and more. The Office also offers welcome programs and special events to promote cross-cultural understanding.

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Did you know?

Our International Student Orientation Week in late August and early January is a great way for international and exchange students to adjust gradually to university and Canadian life.

At STFX, there are several internationally-focused students societies that host activities throughout the year such as socials and cultural celebrations.

Contact the Admissions Office:


If you would like to call us from outside Nova Scotia, remember to dial 1 and the area code first: 1.902.867.2219. If you are calling from outside Canada, you will need to begin with the phone prefix for this country: 0101.902.867.2219.

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