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International Travel - Staff & Students

• StFX's International Travel and Safety Policy has been developed to encourage the safe travel of our students. The policy mandates that international travel involving students must be approved by the International Travel Assessment Committee.

• Registering students who are travelling internationally means that in the event of an international emergency, the university will be able to contact the student and give assistance where required. Students can also contact StFX through the International Travel website and email address, to ask for assistance when needed.

• When a StFX employee (faculty or staff) is organizing travel that includes students, the employee is responsible to apply for approval for the student travel. Once approval is granted, all students must still register their travel details individually.

• When the student is travelling independently they are responsible to apply for the travel approval.

•Once approval is granted (within 7-14 days after submission), the student must then complete a travel registration form to register in the ITAC (International Travel Assessment Committee) system.

Please click on International Travel for Staff and Students for more details.

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