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International tuition information

International Tuition & Other Fees

Studing at any university including StFX involves several costs. Consider the following when you set your budget for school.

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Tuition & Fees

Tuition and General Fees 2016-17 International Students
Tuition $7,626
Information and Technology Fee $371
Fitness and Recreational Facilities Fee $106
Facilities Renewal Fee $180
Students' Union Fee $186
Health Plan $915
International Student Fee $7,626
Total $17,010
Payment due September 15th $13,500

Remaining payment due January 15th


Explore the residence options. Our residence experience is legendary - you'll see we have options to suit every personality and style. View information about residences rates.

Meal Plans

Please note that meal plans are not intended to cover all meals. Depending on the meal plan chosen students will need to purchase additional food. View meal plan options and costs.

Note: Residence and meal plan fees do not include accomodations and meals during winter break (between first and second term). International students can apply to stay on campus during winter break for a nominal fee. For more information contact Residence Services.

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