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Grow as a Leader

The Frank McKenna Centre for Leadership is dedicated to helping StFX students succeed and thrive in a world of rapid and dynamic change. In order to accomplish this goal and support students as they grow as leaders, the Centre undertakes a number of strategic program initiatives.


Every year the McKenna Centre collaborates with faculty, staff and student leaders to host a highly valued Leaders Summit. The weekend Summit combines key note speakers, leadership workshops, hands on “leaders in action” sessions and provocative performances for our students. Over 700 students participated in the first 3 Leaders Summits@X and plans are underway for next year’s event.



Xaverian Leaders is an innovative leadership certificate program for first year students. It is designed to enable these new students to develop their leadership capacity from the outset. The program helps students to maximize the benefit of their undergraduate experience and to equip them with the knowledge, skills and motivation to contribute to campus life and to the greater community.

It is a highly practical, interactive program focused on equipping students to:
• Strive for great things
• Challenge themselves and others
• Serve others
• Make the right decisions
• Have the courage required to stay the course
• Focus on the mission at hand
• Be ethical and fair

The Xaverian Leaders program incorporates the Great Traits of Achievers, Leaders and Legacy Leavers developed by Mark Tewksbury and Debbie Muir. A special agreement with the Great Traits team is in place.
Senior students, faculty and staff are involved in developing and delivering the program.

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