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COVID-19: Frequently Asked Questions

Updated as of 2:00 PM, Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Welcome to StFX University's COVID-19 web portal.

Here you will find the most up-to-date information about our COVID response and the steps we're taking to help ensure your health and safety this year. We encourage you to review this information closely and check back regularly for updates, as new information will be added throughout the summer.



We have a new email box for the campus community to use should they have questions/concerns that are not covered within our FAQs. This is an opportunity for students, faculty and staff to reach out with any comments, questions or concerns related to COVID-19: Comments& 

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Frequently Asked Questions


Health and Safety Protocols

+ What is StFX’s Mandatory COVID-19 Testing Policy?

StFX has announced a mandatory COVID-19 testing policy for students and employees. Under this policy, students and employees must undergo twice-weekly COVID-19 testing on campus unless they can provide proof of full vaccination status, in which case they are exempt. Although fully vaccinated students and employees will not be required to undergo this testing, the university still encourages regular asymptomatic testing as part of its response to COVID-19. 

Read StFX's COVID-19 Testing Policy Here.

+ Are vaccines mandatory for StFX students and employees?

Vaccines are not mandatory for students and employees, but we are strongly encouraging that everyone receive two doses of a COVID-19 vaccine in accordance with public health recommendations.

However, related to vaccines, please note the university has introduced mandatory testing policy for all students, staff, and faculty. Under this policy, students and employees must undergo twice-weekly COVID-19 testing on campus unless they can provide proof of full vaccination status, in which case they are exempt.

+ Will vaccines be made available for students from other provinces who don’t receive either their first or second dose before coming to Nova Scotia?

Yes. Vaccination appointments can be made for any number of local pharmacies by visiting Persons who want to make an appointment but do not have a Nova Scotia health card can do so by calling 1-833-797-7772. 

The university continues to strongly encourage all students and employees to receive two doses of a COVID-19 vaccine at first opportunity if they have not already done so.  

+ Will masks be required on campus?

Non-medical masks will be mandatory at all times in campus buildings, including in classrooms and labs, until at least September 30 regardless of if the province moves into Phase 5 of its reopening plan. The only exceptions to this rule are when students are in their own residence buildings, and staff and faculty are within their personal office spaces. For those employees that share office space, masks may be removed when employees are at their desks, appropriately socially distanced.  

In alignment with current Public Health directives, masks will not be required while outdoors.

Please note: all students are expected to bring a number of non-medical masks with them to campus regardless of guidelines related to mask wearing. As we have seen, guidelines for COVID-19 prevention can evolve rapidly and students should come prepared to adapt if and when things change.

+ Should students who are not showing COVID-19 symptoms still get tested on a regular basis?

The university has made a number of rapid take-home tests available free of charge to students and employees. These tests are currently available at Bloomfield Centre (3rd floor) and at the Joyce Family Atrium in Mulroney Hall. All members of the campus community are encouraged to make use of these rapids when they are asymptomatic. Any person experiencing COVID-19 symptoms should arrange to get tested via Nova Scotia Health's COVID-19 testing service.

+ What are the COVID-19 legal waiver and Student Community Protocol documents? Why do students need to sign them?

Students must sign two documents in order to attend StFX this year:

  1. A COVID-19 legal waiver, acknowledging the assumption of risk in attending StFX during the time of COVID-19.
  2. A set of Student Community Protocols, outlining the university’s expectation for students to do their part in keeping the campus community safe and healthy. The document also includes an overview of the university’s actions to help ensure the safety, health, and wellbeing of all students and employees.

For more information on these documents, including why students must sign them to attend StFX, please visit

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Travelling to Nova Scotia and Self-isolation

+ Who needs to self-isolate?

Decisions about who needs to self-isolate (and for how long) upon entering Nova Scotia are made by the provincial government. Please consult Nova Scotia's COVID-19 portal for the latest information.

+ What do I need to know about travelling to Nova Scotia?

Many travellers entering Nova Scotia will need to submit a Safe Check-in Form before leaving home. This form is required by the provincial government in order to be granted entry to the province. For a full list of Nova Scotia’s travel protocols, please click here.

Please be advised that if you are travelling by car, you may also be required to abide by entry restrictions in other provinces. 

+ How and When is Nova Scotia Re-Opening to the Public?

The provincial government has implemented a five-stage reopening plan, with varying levels of activity and travel permitted within each phase. You can access the plan here.

As of July 14, 2021, Nova Scotia has entered Phase 4 of the re-opening plan.

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Mental Health Supports

+ How will you support students’ mental health and wellbeing?

The health, safety, and wellbeing of students is our top priority. To this end, we are taking a number of steps this year to foster positive mental health and resiliency:

  • All new StFX students are assigned a dedicated student life advisor who can help connect them with resources and supports for social, mental, and academic wellbeing.
  • StFX offers a robust array of services through our Health and Counselling Centre, and we will work to make sure that students understand the range of services at their disposal.
  • We have increased our staff capacity, with the addition of a Community Health Nurse who will be available to assist students on an as-needed basis.
  • Parents and family members play a critical role in helping their students stay healthy. To this end, we are committing to enhance our parent communication with proactive and targeted updates through the year.

For more information on mental health and other wellness supports, please visit the Health and Counselling Services website.

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