Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada
Animal Care StFX

Animal Care

The St. Francis Xavier University Animal Care Committee (ACC) consists of:

  • The Animal Care Committee Coordinator
  • The Senior Animal and Plant Care Technician
  • Two community members
  • Two faculty members that use animals
  • A faculty member that is not an animal user
  • A student representative
  • A veterinarian.

The main duties of the ACC are to manage the university's animal care and use program as outlined by their terms of reference and by the Canadian Council on Animal Care (CCAC) guidelines and policy statements.

StFX is currently certified by the CCAC as being in accordance with standards of GAP - Good Animal Practice®.  All research involving animals that requires ACC approval must first be reviewed for scientific merit according to the University policy (Peer Review of Applications for Work Involving the Use of Animals)


Dr. Dan Kane (Chair)

Phone: (902) 867-2251

Jennifer Van Den Heuvel, Senior Animal & Plant Care Technician,

Phone: (902) 867-2126, Office Location: J. Bruce Brown Hall  121C

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