Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada

For NS Students: Information regarding NSTU Work-to-Rule

To Nova Scotia students thinking of applying to StFX:

StFX is monitoring the current work-to-rule job action by the NSTU. Applying to universities should be a wonderful and exciting experience, and we think it still can be, even under less than ideal circumstances.

For those concerned about how to report your academic achievements to StFX or feeling anxious about reference letters for scholarships, please read the FAQ below. StFX’s approach is simple: we want to support you as fully as possible in your pursuit of a university education, so we are making some adjustments to our requirements to make it a little easier for you.

If you have any questions, please contact us in Admission at



1. My Teacher is not able to write a reference letter for my scholarship application, what can I do?

StFX will accept non-academic references for scholarship consideration.  Focus on finding people who are a regular part of your life.  Coaches, employers and youth leaders are great resources who can provide letters of recommendation that shed light on aspects about you that aren’t necessarily reflected in your high school transcripts. Remember that you’ve grown, learned and changed a lot through high school. Try to choose someone who is currently involved in your life.  Your reference should not be a relative.  


2. I applied for StFX, but I don't have the correct courses listed on my transcript, how will I be considered for the program I want?

Email a list of courses in which you are enrolled and list any changes that are not reflected on your transcript to


3. If my transcripts are late, will I miss out on scholarships?

The StFX scholarship deadline is March 1st, but we realize there may be delays with your grades. You will not be penalized if your transcripts are late. Please contact Admissions at if you believe your grades will not be available by March 1st.


4. I am hoping to be nominated for a scholarship, but with the work-to-Rule regulations, my school counsellor can't nominate me. What should I do?

If you believe you may be in the top 2% of your class, you can email your school counsellor requesting confirmation that you are indeed in the top 2% of your class, and cc  Please request that your counsellor select “reply all” on the email.  We will consider this as a nomination.


5. How do I get my grades to you if they are not listed in PowerSchool?

It is our understanding from the Provincial Department of Education and Early Childhood Development that transcripts will be issued upon a students’ request. Please contact your school counsellor or Principal to request a transcript. 

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