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Development Studies at StFX

Development Studies

About Development Studies

Development Studies at StFX is a program for those wishing to understand how different ideas about development influence socio-economic well-being and environmental sustainability, as well as how to engage with these issues both locally and internationally.

Why study Development Studies at StFX?

The StFX Development Studies Program grows out of the rich tradition of the Antigonish Movement, a social movement grounded in community-based social and economic development. You will work with faculty members and with development professionals from the Coady International Institute. You will meet community leaders from Africa, Asia and Latin America enrolled in programs at the Coady, which for over 50 years has been promoting community self-reliance through education programs for such leaders.

You will have opportunity for real-world experience through service learning placements in the local community. You could undertake a 3-4 month internship in Canada or elsewhere in the world. This combination of academic courses and hands-on experience provides you with the means to make your own contribution to local and international efforts to solve development problems, reduce inequalities and change our world for the better.

Getting started:

Development Studies courses begin in your second year, after you have acquired a first year foundation in a range of subjects, whether in the social sciences, humanities or sciences.

Rewarding careers in Development Studies:

As an interdisciplinary program, Development Studies can take you in many directions. The program provides an excellent foundation for further study and careers in a wide variety of areas, including community and international development, humanitarian and social justice work, urban and rural planning, law, journalism, economics, government, international relations and education.

The program can also help to prepare and equip you for the ever-changing dynamics of global society.

Flexible degree choices:

You can complete an honours with subsidiary, joint advanced major, joint major, minor or a pair in Development Studies. The program also offers you opportunities for practical, hands-on experience in local and international development organizations.


Development Studies

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