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At StFX, we offer both Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science programs. With certain programs, you can even choose which degree to pursue. You can study Aquatic Resources, Computer Science, Human Kinetics, Mathematics & Statistics, or Psychology leading to your choice of a B.A. or a B.Sc. degree.

Innovative, immersive programs

StFX has also recently introduced a new approach to education -- join an arts and sciences degree -- in the below topics: 

Bachelor of Arts and Science in Health (4yrs)

Graduate with an interdisciplinary degree that studies health from both and arts and science perspective.

The BASc in Health offers an interdisciplinary approach to health, drawing on scientific, social and humanistic fields. Students who study health from joint arts and science perspectives will have a balanced understanding

of the interrelated nature of health, including medical, social, ethical and cultural factors. Unique in Canada, this program will give a competitive edge to students who want a career in a health-related field.

Bachelor of Arts and Science in Climate and Environment (4yrs)

A degree perfectly suited for students seeking an interdisciplinary education in both climate and environment. 

The global response to climate change affirms the need for an approach that speaks to the scientific and social dimensions of our environment. With an interdisciplinary focus on the related - but distinct - fields of climate and environment, this degree program will examine the physical, biological and chemical composition of our world, our societal relationship with nature and how the Earth’s energy balance affects our environment. This multi-faceted approach is perfectly suited to students who seek an interdisciplinary education with a unique strength in both climate and environment.

Optional Arts or Science Programs (BA/BSc)

Aquatic Resources

Computer Science

Human Kinetics

Math & Statistics


Joint Bachelor of Arts and Science Programs (BASc)

Climate and Environment



Contact Faculty of Science

Office of the Dean of Science:

Phone: 1.902.867.3903

Fax: 1.902.867.2793


Mailing Address:

2329 Notre Dame Avenue

2nd Floor Nicholson, Rm 220

Antigonish, NS B2G 2W5

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Contact Faculty of Arts

Office of the Dean of Arts:

Phone: 1.902.867.2165

Fax: 1.902.867.2793


Mailing Address:

2329 Notre Dame Avenue

2nd Floor Nicholson, Rm 218

Antigonish, NS B2G 2W5

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