Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada

University Policies

Board of Governors

Communications, Media, & Records


Health and Safety

Human Resources

General Administration

Student Affairs

Federal Legislation

Provincial Legislation

Safe Workplace Information

Violence in the Workplace

Working with Hazardous Materials (WHMIS)


Board of Governors

Student Consultation Agreement

Contract Approval/Signing Authority Policy

Gift Acceptance Policy

Risk Management Policy

Statement of Investment Policies and Procedures

Communications, Media, & Records

HR Policy #105 – StFX Information Technology Acceptable Use Policy



HR Policy #109 – Conflict of Interest Policy

HR Policy #103 –Violence and Bullying in the Workplace

StFX Discrimination and Harassment Policy

Policy for Students with Disabilities


Health and Safety

HR Policy #100 – Children in the Workplace and Work Shadowing

HR Policy #104 – Firearms and Weapons Prohibition

Occupational Health & Safety Orientation Booklet

Workplace Violence Program

Asbestos Management Program

Occupational Health & Safety Audit Program

ID Card Policies

o Residence Safety

o Personal Safety


Human Resources

HR Policy #101 - Standards of Conduct

HR Policy #102 – Discipline and Termination

HR Policy #107 – Unscheduled Closure and/or Cancellation of Classes Policy

HR Policy #108 – Personal Pets Policy

HR Policy #110 – Secondary Internal Position Policy

HR Policy #110 – Secondary Internal Position Policy Approval Form

HR Policy #111 - Salary Deferral

StFX Recruitment Guide for Non-Union Positions


General Administration

Cannabis Policy

Flag Policy

Procurement Policy

Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

Travel Policy

Wireless Policy


Student Affairs

Sexual Violence Policy

Community Code of Conduct


Federal Legislation

BILL C-45 – Amendments To the Criminal Code Affecting The Criminal Liability of Organizations 

Federal Bills and Statutes

Transport Canada

Transportation of Dangerous Goods 

Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (Health Canada)  

Provincial Legislation

Nova Scotia Labour and Workforce Development Legislation (

Disclosure of Information Regulations under the NS OH&S Act

Employer Advisor Office 

Occupational Health and Safety Appeal Panel Regulations

Workers Compensation Board (WCB) of Nova Scotia  

Workers Compensation Act of Nova Scotia 

Safe Workplace Information

Fall Protection and Scaffolding Regulations of Nova Scotia

Fire Safety Act of Nova Scotia 

Fire Safety Regulation of Nova Scotia 

Machinery and Equipment Safety Worksafe BC: Safe Guarding Machinery and Equipment General Requirements

Occupational Health and Safety Act   

Occupational Health and Safety Administrative Penalties Regulations   

Occupational Health Regulations of Nova Scotia (Listed Under Health Protection Act)

Reference Guide Occupational Health Regulations

Occupational Safety General Regulations

Reference Guide to Occupational Safety General Regulations

Reference Guide Occupational Health and Safety First Aid Regulations

Smoke Free Places Act of Nova Scotia

Violence in the Workplace

Assessing the Risk of Workplace Violence

Guide to Preventing Violence Robbery and Theft 

Nova Scotia Workplace Violence Prevention Strategy

Violence in the Workplace Regulations

o Reference Guide to Violence In The Workplace Regulations  

o Violence in the Workplace Regulations Questions and Answers  

Working with Hazardous Materials (WHMIS) 

Maintenance Operation Involving Asbestos Guidelines

Managing Asbestos In Buildings: Code of Practice

Outdoor Work with Asbestos Guidelines

Removal of Friable Asbestos Containing Materials 

Toxicological Index; NS Dept of Labour

Working with Inorganic Lead - An Information Package

Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System Regulations 

Reference Manual for the WHMIS Requirements of the Hazardous Products Act and Controlled Products Regulations

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