Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada

StFX student wins cost of X-Ring in annual satisfaction survey

April 30th, 2019
L-r, Dr. Kevin Wamsley, StFX Academic Vice-President & Provost, and Hanna Bergman

Hanna Bergman of Stouffville, ON, who graduates from StFX with a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in philosophy and a minor in development studies, has received some good news—she’s won the cost of her X-Ring thanks to her participation in an annual survey for senior students.

The survey, administered by the Academic Vice-President & Provost’s office and the Office of Institutional Analysis, measures student satisfaction and experience. All those who participate are eligible for a prize draw to win the cost of their X-Ring. The prize is provided by the office of Dr. Kevin Wamsley, StFX Academic Vice-President & Provost. 

The survey collects data on all aspects of the student experience from academics to extracurricular from a senior student perspective. The feedback received is important to decisions made all over campus. 

“My experience at StFX was one of immense growth,” Ms. Bergman says. “I look back at the person I was coming here and who am I now and am astounded by my own personal development.”

She says she was drawn to StFX for its reputation above all. In researching potential universities, she says StFX was the only one in which she couldn’t find anyone who said their experience was less than stellar. “In addition to the rave reviews and beautiful campus, I was also super interested in the social justice colloquium and the valuable work of the Coady,” she says. 

“I’m very thankful for my academic education here at X. I’m thankful for professors who truly care about the success of their students, for all the great faculty members who encouraged me to follow my passions, to ask hard questions, and to think critically about a lot of the unexamined parts of our culture. Every time I put the X-Ring on my finger, I’m reminded of the lessons I’ve learned here as well as the person I’ve grown to become.” 

Ms. Bergman says to her, the X-Ring is representative of the Xaverian community at large, a symbol of solidarity, and a reminder of life at X.

“I do believe I received the premier undergraduate experience here and am excited to soon be joining Canada’s strongest alumni network.” 

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