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StFX establishes Student Emergency Fund to provide crisis financial support for students experiencing hardship

April 2nd, 2020

The global COVID-19 pandemic is causing unprecedented upheaval and anxiety for people in all corners of the world, and university students are no exception. In the wake of this crisis, StFX has established Our StFX: Student Emergency Fund to help provide financial assistance for StFX students who are struggling. The fund’s aim is to address the most urgent cases of students who have nowhere else to turn and who are at risk of not achieving their goal of a StFX degree. 

“Undoubtedly, one of the most challenging aspects of this uncertain time is the financial strain many are now feeling. Indeed, what we’re hearing so far confirms that this is nothing short of a full-blown financial crisis for many StFX students,” says StFX President Dr. Kevin Wamsley.  

“The current economic situation means that many – if not most – of the summer and part-time jobs our students rely on are in doubt. Already, some students have said they won’t have enough money to return to StFX next year. Others fear they won’t be able to pay their bills or put food on their table, a concern that is especially real for students with young families of their own. The need is urgent and critical. 

“That’s why we are launching the Our StFX: Student Emergency Fund to provide crisis financial support for students experiencing hardship. No matter the circumstances, no student should have to go without basic necessities or face heartbreaking decisions about their education. With your support, we will work to make sure no student is in this position.”

Times are tough for many others too, Dr. Wamsley says, and StFX recognizes the desire to help may outweigh the ability. “This is perfectly understandable. However, for those who are in a position to provide support, we hope your response will be to do so.” 

“The Students' Union is pleased to support the launch of the StFX Student Emergency Fund. This fund will offer another vehicle for students to access the financial support they need in these difficult circumstances,” says Students’ Union president Cecil VanBuskirk. 

“One avenue that is already available to students is The Students' Union Emergency Grant program, but it is struggling to keep up with the volume of applicants. The Students' Union is very thankful to Dr. Wamsley, and the StFX administration, for helping to further decrease the stress students are facing through the launch of this fund, so that they can focus on finishing their academic term but most importantly, taking care of themselves.” 

Students may be considered for funding awards for situations that are time sensitive, arise outside of the regular bursary program eligibility dates, are unforeseen, and cannot be addressed by any other means.


To apply, students can go online to access the Student Emergency Fund Application Form available here. Support for completing the application is available by contacting the StFX Financial Aid Office or any campus support office.

To be eligible for an award, a student must be academically eligible; have documented financial need in accordance with the Financial Aid Office needs assessment guidelines; not be able to apply for the regular StFX General or Limited bursary programs; and demonstrate commitment to doing all they can to manage and contribute to their finances, including accessing government student loan or bank line of credit, and other funding programs as applicable. 

This fund may not normally be used to address outstanding student account balances or past debt and is not intended to replace lost wages when students are eligible for aid, such as government run programs, to support the loss of part time and summer wages. 

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