Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada

StFX begins winter term by welcoming new students

January 3rd, 2017
New student Antonia Newbold (right) is joined by family members at StFX's winter welcome day.

For a group of incoming StFX students, the first few days of 2017 signal the start of a new home and new opportunities for the future.

Today, January 3, StFX welcomed a cohort of new students who are beginning their studies in the winter term. The group includes students from across Canada, as well as 20 international students from countries including the Bahamas, Ethiopia, China, Germany, France and Denmark.

StFX hosted a winter welcome day for students and their families, who were treated to brunch before enjoying an information fair where students could find answers to questions on everything from residence services, academic advising and the StFX Students’ Union.

For Marla Gaudet, Director of Internationalization at StFX, the winter welcome day is an opportunity to help international students feel comfortable in their new community.

“We have students from all across the world, and it can be quite a culture shock coming to a new country and community environment,” says Ms. Gaudet. “We want them feel comfortable and reassured that we’re here to support them. We want their parents to feel confident that their children will succeed and be happy.

”The StFX community is helping to ease the transition for its new students. A group of returning international students have volunteered to help their new classmates get established in Antigonish, even taking them to shop for groceries and other supplies. The office of internationalization is also planning a series of social events throughout the winter term to help new international students make friends and feel at home in the StFX community."

For new student Antonia Newbold, from the Bahamas, her first day at StFX is an encouraging sign of things to come.

“It’s only been a day but I love it already,” she says. “The people are friendly and welcoming, so I feel excited to be here. I even like the cold weather!”

The warm welcome has also helped reassure Antonia’s mother, Deborah. “I felt comfortable when we came here. Everyone was so helpful and made us feel welcome. I feel I could leave right now and know that Antonia will be fine.”


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