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StFX professor gets high school students physically active with the smallest members of their community

May 22nd, 2015

A StFX human kinetics professor known for her dedication to her students is also extending her expertise to high school students and the community.

Dr. Angie Kolen has incorporated 53 Grade 12 students from Dr. J. H. Gillis Regional High School to participate in her extremely popular Fit 4 Tots program. The local high school students will participate in the program at the Oland Centre over the next month. 
The benefits are plenty to high school students as they have the opportunity to experience service learning, while promoting physical activity to the next generation. StFX human kinetics students have played an important role in Dr. Kolen’s Fit 4 Tots program, a movement exploration program for children under the age of five years and their parents/guardians.
“I want to give the students an opportunity to shine,” says Dr. Kolen. “Playing with toddlers is not always easy and to do so well requires coming out of your shell – perhaps even being a bit silly – that is not easy for students at an age where they are self-conscious and worry what others think.”
Dr. Kolen also hopes Grade 12 students will become comfortable with being on campus, as well as learning outside the classroom, and what it takes to organize a program like this, and how to talk to toddlers and their parents.
“I really like working with kids,” says Grade 12 student Corrina Chisholm. “It’s also good stress relief.” Ms. Chisholm says she is thinking about becoming a teacher so this experience is something she was looking for. Although Grade 12 student Garret van de Weil has no aspirations to become a physical education teacher, he says he may be interested in working with kids in some aspect. ‘It’s great to watch them and learn an unbiased view of things and see a child’s view of a situation.” 
Dr. Kolen says she does this purely as community service. “I love the interaction. I see the learning that is happening and that I’m providing a much needed active play experience for more than 60 toddlers and their parents/guardians in the community. I feel good about it, physically and mentally.”

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