Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada

StFX human nutrition students place second in Pulse Canada’s Mission ImPULSEible product development competition

January 27th, 2017
L-r, Syahrul Jamaludin, Heather-Ann Burrell, Amanda Rees, Jonathan Maillet, and Department of Human Nutrition faculty advisor Marcia English

Developing and marketing an innovative new pulse product, the Crackin’ Chickpeas Vegan Egg Alternative, has earned StFX human nutrition students Heather-Ann Burrell and Amanda Rees a second place finish in the annual Pulse Canada Mission ImPULSEible product development competition.

The team was also awarded the best marketing plan in the January 20th competition for their value-added product that contains 85 per cent pulse by weight and can be used to replace traditional egg-based meals including omelets, scrambled eggs and quiches.

Teams from StFX, Mount Saint Vincent University and Dalhousie University competed in the event.

“This product was a popular hit among the judges and the audience for their unique and innovative product,” says faculty advisor and human nutrition professor Marcia English.

Five StFX human nutrition students Ms. Burrell, Ms. Rees, Syahrul Jamaludin, Jonathan Maillet and Meghan Macleod were among the six teams of students who accepted the competition challenge.

The teams had two months to develop everything about their product, from the concept and the formulation to the marketing of the final product. On the day of the competition, each team had to present their final product before a judging panel as well as prepare samples for the judges and the audience, Professor English says.

As the third team from StFX to ever enter the competition, the students were proud to be participating.

The Maple Bean CocoButter developed by Mr. Maillet and Ms. Macleod was also well received by the judges.

“The students are very excited about their achievement and are committed to developing the product further and exploring market opportunities,” Professor English says.

The students say they were honoured to be ambassadors for StFX and are grateful to the Department of Human Nutrition for supporting the project. They would also like to thank Prof. English and lab instructor Brenda Hanlon for helping them get ready for the competition. Sue McNeil from the StFX Innovation and Enterprise Centre and professor Dr. Neil Maltby from StFX’s Schwartz Business School also provided feedback on the student pitches before they presented at the competition.

“This was truly a great team effort with different members of the StFX community working together,” Professor English says. 


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