Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada

StFX Co-op students having successful summer work term placements

June 13th, 2014
Co-op student Emma Tompkins pictured during her final work term with Gulf Aquarium & Marine Station Cooperative in her position as marine research assistant

StFX Co-op students have been very successful in finding and securing co-op work terms this summer. The program has 89 per cent of students working in various roles across Canada with small and large companies in addition to the federal government and non-profits.

While working, students learn about their organization’s culture, contribute to the work flow, gain self-awareness about their competencies and work style, and also give back to community initiatives through corporate volunteer activities,” says Co-op program manager Jane MacDonald.

New this summer, students are staying more connected with the office and with each other through a new social media assignment.

On a weekly basis, Trudy Delorey, StFX’s Co-op coordinator, posts a question to the group and students respond. Feedback from students has been positive. “Over the last few weeks students have been quite engaged on our Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts,” Ms. Delorey says. 

“They’ve been sharing their insights, experiences and pictures, which is also a great way for the students to connect with each other since our students represent a variety of degree programs. This platform has been excellent for students to showcase their experiences during their work term.”

In September 2014, the Co-op program will also have 12 students completing the final component of the program, COOP 405.

The campus community will have opportunity to learn what co-op students have accomplished during the COOP 405 presentations being held on Friday, September 12 at 2:15 in the Gerald Schwartz School of Business.


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