Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada

StFX students have opportunity to learn, hear career insights, from national business leader

January 11th, 2017
Robert Hardt

StFX students will have opportunity to gain insight into future career paths when they have the chance to meet with and hear from Robert Hardt, President & CEO of SIEMENS Canada, a global company that in Canada employs 4,800 people in industry, energy, health care and infrastructure sectors.

Mr. Hardt will be on campus on January 17. Selected students will have a chance to participate in a fireside chat with Mr. Hardt during the afternoon of his visit. He will also deliver a talk to StFX students and the Antigonish community on topics such as how trends such as digitalization and disruptive technologies are shaping the business landscape in Canada and globally; why does diversity play a vital role in cultivating this culture of innovation; and how can today’s students be empowered to become tomorrow’s top talents?                

Mr. Hardt will offer insights to these questions, as well as detailing his personal path to success and why he believes purpose-driven business models are the keys to sustainability and competitiveness for the industry during a talk taking place at 7:30 p.m. in the Schwartz Auditorium.

Organizers from the German section of the Modern Languages Department and the Gerald Schwartz School of Business say they and their students are highly anticipating the presentation.

"Siemens is a worldwide innovator in providing innovative solutions to everyday problems. At Schwartz, we are consistently challenged to think outside the box. It will be very exciting to have Mr. Hardt, the leader of a company who takes such pride in such creativity here on campus,” says student Allison Randall, president of the Schwartz Business Society.

“Personally, I am interested in hearing Mr. Hardt's perspective on the future of renewable energy in Canada,” she says.

Liam Elbourne, president of the student German Society and a third year Schwartz business student, says he’s excited about the event as Siemens is an extremely diverse company and Mr. Hardt's visit presents a unique opportunity for students from many departments to come together and gain insight into what lies ahead in their careers. 

"It gives students an incredible opportunity to experience and learn about the company, from someone with firsthand knowledge,” says German Society student Alexis van den Hoogen. “Robert Hardt is sure to inspire many students to go forth and aim big with their future careers."

Jenna Kennedy says as a student in the business program, she’s thrilled to hear Mr. Hardt's insights on the next generation of leaders in the business world. “We are very fortunate to have such an incredible opportunity."


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