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Understanding the legalization of cannabis topic of latest StFX President’s Colloquium

November 28th, 2017
StFX President Dr. Kent MacDonald opens the 6th President’s Colloquium with remarks around the importance of having tough conversations around issues that affect the campus community and beyond.

StFX’s tradition of bringing timely and important conversations into its residence spaces continued on Nov. 27 when StFX President Dr. Kent MacDonald hosted the latest President’s Colloquium focused on understanding the legalization of cannabis.

The university community conversation was held on the fourth floor of the Riley Hall residence and included a panel of experts, Dr. Robert Strang, Nova Scotia Chief Medical Officer; StFX psychology professor Dr. Kara Thompson; and Ivan Drouin, registered psychologist and clinical therapist at the StFX Health and Counselling Centre.

The wide-ranging discussion focused on a number of issues including how will the current laws change when cannabis is legalized in Canada, What do these changes mean for StFX students? And what are the health implications that the university community needs to explore?

Dr. Strang delivered a presentation on the issue and fielded questions from those gathered. Dr. Thompson said more research of cannabis is needed but she feels the legalization of cannabis will make it easier for research to continue.

“This is one more example of us trying to have a discussion in our residence that is both interesting and helpful to the community,” said Dr. MacDonald. This conversation allows us to prepare for the pending legislation change, he said. Dr. MacDonald also added that this discussion gets the campus community thinking about how it will respond, taking into consideration the health and safety of students, faculty and staff.

The evening marked the 6th President’s Colloquium, an event initiated by Dr. MacDonald and designed to provide a space in residence—living, learning communities—for students, staff, faculty and community members to come together to have discussion around important issues. 

During the event, Dr. Thompson mentioned several resources for more information. The links include:

Lower-risk cannabis use guidelines 

Summary of evidence of health effects of cannabis



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