Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada

Nutrition professor Doris Gillis recognized nationally for outstanding contributions

June 16th, 2016
Dr. Doris Gillis

StFX human nutrition professor Dr. Doris Gillis has received national honours for her contributions to evidence-based practice within the dietetic profession. 

During the Dietitians of Canada annual conference in Winnipeg, she was named one of two inaugural recipients of the 2016 Dietitians of Canada PEN® Achiever (Canada) Awards. This PEN® (Practice-based Evidence in Nutrition) award recognizes outstanding contributions to the evidence-based knowledge of the dietetic profession and demonstrated leadership in supporting international knowledge transfer.

“Dr. Doris Gillis embodies professionalism with her commitment to grounding her practice in evidence and giving back to the profession by contributing to building our knowledge base,” her award citation reads. 

“Practitioners in Canada and internationally have benefited from her multiple contributions to the PEN® System in areas such as health literacy, nutrition education resource development, food skills and cultural competence.

“Doris is recognized with a PEN® Achiever (Canada) Award for her commitment to evidence-based practice and for engaging students in developing critical thinking skills while highlighting the role and responsibilities of dietitians to advance knowledge and be leaders in the information society in which we practice.”
“Over my career, I have observed how the dietetic professional’s capacity to effect positive change has developed, in large part, because of our ability to translate knowledge to action in a wide range of practice settings and situations,” Dr. Gillis says.  
“PEN®  has enabled access to the evidence base necessary for dietitians to be competent within the rapidly changing context of nutrition and dietetic practice in Canada and beyond.  As an educator, I want my students to graduate with relevant knowledge and skills as well as the commitment to accessing evidence-based resources necessary to be effective health professionals.”   

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