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StFX faculty successful in 2017 NSERC Discovery Grants

September 18th, 2017
L-r, Dr. Ryan Lukeman, Dr. Ricardo Scrosati, Dr. William (Bill) Marshall, Dr. Andrew MacDougall, Dr. Man Lin, and Dr. Peter Poole. Absent is Dr. David Pink

Seven StFX faculty members have received 2017 NSERC Discovery Grants, continuing StFX’s strong showing in this national awards competition.

Six faculty members were recipients of a 2017 NSERC Discovery Grant, including Dr. William (Bill) Marshall, Dr. Ricardo Scrosati, Dr. Andrew MacDougall, Dr. Man Lin, Dr. Ryan Lukeman, and Dr. Peter Poole. Dr. David Pink received an NSERC Discovery Development Grant.

“Faculty at StFX have a strong track record of success in obtaining research funding support from the NSERC Discovery Grants program,” says StFX Associate Vice-President, Research and Graduate Studies, Dr. Richard Isnor.  “These grants play an invaluable role in student research training at StFX.

“We are delighted to see this success continue in the 2017 competition results. It is also encouraging to see the increased levels of funding support associated with the NSERC Discovery Grants program from the Government of Canada, underscoring the need for action on the recommendations of the recent federal review of fundamental science.” 

Research Grants Office Director John Blackwell says these funding successes reflect the high calibre of research being undertaken at StFX.

“Being awarded research funding in these highly competitive national programs is a huge coup, not only for the professor, but also for the students who are able to gain outstanding research experience working as research assistants with the professor,” he says.

2017 NSERC Discovery Grant recipients, with funding amounts over five years, and their research projects include:

* Dr. William (Bill) Marshall, Biology, $140,000, Control of Transport by Epithelia.
* Dr. Ricardo Scrosati, Biology, $120,000, Benthic-pelagic Coupling and Intertidal Community Organization on Canada’s Atlantic Coast.
* Dr. Andrew MacDougall, Earth Sciences, $160,000, Modelling the Effect of Natural and Human Altered Nitrogen and Phosphorous Cycles on the Global Carbon Cycle and Climate Warning. Dr. MacDougall was awarded a prestigious Early Career Researcher Supplement.
* Dr. Man Lin, Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science, $100,000, Learning-based Energy Management for Cyber-Physical Systems.
* Dr. Ryan Lukeman, Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science, $70,000, Connecting Empirical and Mathematical Approaches to Collective Behaviour.
* Dr. Peter Poole, Physics, $150,000, Complex Metastable Liquids:  Phase Behaviour, Dynamics, and Nucleation.

2017 NSERC Discovery Development Grant recipient:

* Dr. David Pink, Physics, a two-year $20,000 award, Physical Interactions in Oils. 


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