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New dining option lets students prepare their own meals

October 21st, 2016
The new My Kitchen facility in Morrison Hall, featuring the cooking appliances and tools of home.

Just because you live away from home doesn’t mean you should eat like you do. 

That’s the thinking behind My Kitchen, a new dining option where StFX students can prepare their own meals using fresh, healthy ingredients in a fully-stocked kitchen that features all the appliances and cooking tools of home. 

Since launching just two months ago, My Kitchen has already proven to be a hit, with lots of students choosing to use the facility to prepare some – if not all – of their meals. 

“I’m used to staying in my own apartment, so I like being able to prepare the things I want and have it all fresh,” says Lars Meixner, an international student from Denmark. “It’s nice to be able to make some of the foods that I’ve missed.”

“We eat here all the time,” adds Syahrul Jamaludin, an international student from Malaysia. 

Access to the My Kitchen facility is included in student meal plans at no additional cost. Students can also request specific items and ingredients on My Kitchen’s communal shopping list.

StFX is just the second university in the country to offer this fresh and healthy dining option to students.

The introduction of My Kitchen was driven largely from feedback by StFX’s international student community, who voiced a desire for more dining options to meet diverse tastes and appetites. StFX University worked with food service provider Sodexo to make the facility a reality.

Offering students greater flexibility over what and when they choose to eat has been embraced strongly by StFX.

“You want to cook eggs at two in the afternoon? Great. Chicken Stir Fry? No problem. The sky is the limit,” says Bob Hale, Head of Student Services at StFX. “It’s important for us that students have these options because we know it makes their experience here even stronger.” 

StFX is also looking at ways to use My Kitchen as an opportunity to talk about food preparation and healthy eating. Events like student cooking classes and residence “cook-offs” are being explored.

“We view this as a great opportunity, not only to improve students’ living and dining experience, but to provide a platform where people can get more comfortable cooking their own meals and make healthier choices while doing so.” 

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