Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada

Student artists recognized, encouraged with Macgillivray Art Bursary

April 2nd, 2018
L-r, Macgillivray Art Bursary recipients Donica Larade and Natalie Chicoine. Missing from photo is recipient Ana Lucia (Blue) Azcué Marin

Being recognized for their art work is an amazing feeling, say StFX students Natalie Chicoine, Donica Larade, and Ana Lucia (Blue) Azcué Marin, this year’s recipients of the Angus F. Macgillivray Art Bursaries at StFX.

The bursaries, each valued at $750, are named in honour of the late Angus F. Macgillivray, an exceptional artist, teacher and faculty member of the StFX fine arts department, and recognize outstanding studio production and encourage young artists showing promise in the visual arts.

To be considered, applicants submit a sketchbook and six finished artworks. Three judges consider all submissions, looking for dedication and active study in the use of the sketchbook as a tool for exploration and problem-solving before creating a finished artwork. The submitted artworks must show a mastery of skill in a variety of art mediums as well as a giving a sense of cohesive artistic vision.

“This bursary means the world to me,” says Natalie Chicoine of Barachois, QC, a third year history student minoring in Celtic studies. She currently takes three art courses at StFX—oil painting with Adam Tragakis, human anatomy for the artist, also with Adam Tragakis, and contemporary art with Bruce Sparks.

She says receiving the bursary is particularly beneficial as living on a student budget is already difficult enough, but is even more difficult when you are trying to keep up a passion such as painting or sketching. “The cost of materials is very high, but is so necessary in order to produce good work I believe,” she says.

She says when she learned she had been one of the three chosen for this bursary, she felt a mixture of shock and excitement. “I know from having had an administrative role in the first edition of the Xaverian Review, a fledgling arts and culture magazine/journal on campus that we hope to continue in future, just how many talented and highly creative artists the StFX community truly has and so to be chosen really is a great honour for me and was quite the pleasant surprise,” she says.

“What's more, it is just very encouraging and sort of affirming in many ways that my passion is worthy of pursuit, even more reason to go to art school after this degree is done!”

“It means a lot for me to win this bursary, since this is my first year getting any training so the positive recognition is just heartwarming,” says Donica Larade, a third year biology student minoring in arts from Halifax, NS. She is currently taking Drawing 101 and last semester took colour theory. “I checked my email and as soon as I saw the ‘congratulations’ headline on the message, I jumped on my friend I was so excited.”

Blue Azcué, an international fine arts student from the Universidad de Guanajuato in Guanajuato, México, is taking five art classes—the art of listening, botanical drawing, contemporary art, anatomy for the artist, and batik studio. She says this was a great experience to share and learn about art made at StFX and to show what she’s learned in Antigonish, complemented with her work from country.

“I got really happy, and I felt supported by a university, which is not my home school, but that I have come to see as home,” she say

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