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Education professor’s legal book provides guidance for teachers and administrators

November 8th, 2017

StFX Faculty of Education professor Dr. David Young has edited a new book that provides a comprehensive examination of the many legal matters that impact public education in Canada’s provinces and territories. 

Education Law in Canada: A Guide for Teachers and Administrators was published in October 2017 by Irwin Law. 

“The significance of this book is that it provides pan-Canadian coverage of the issues that impact education in this country, and thus will be of particular interest to those who work or have an interest in schools and schooling,” Dr. Young says. 

With informative and easily accessible contributions from members of the legal and academic community, he says the various chapters in this collection address the following: the value of education law; the legal and administrative framework of education; the role of the courts; teacher rights and duties; student rights; negligence and liability; issues of misconduct; bullying and cyberbullying; special education; and copyright.

Dr. Young, who is the Chair of the Department of Curriculum and Leadership at StFX, says he has always had a deep interest in the impact law has on education. He completed his doctorate in education law, and most of his research involves the intersection of law and education. 

He also teaches a graduate course on the legal aspects of education, so this book comes as a natural extension of both his background as well as his teaching and research interests. 

Dr. Young’s writing has appeared in a wide variety of publications including Capsle Comments, the Education & Law Journal, the Canadian Journal of Educational Administration and Policy, and the Journal of Educational Administration and Foundations. 

Education Law in Canada: A Guide for Teachers and Administrators is Dr. Young’s second book. His first, Teaching Online: Stories from Within, was published in 2014. 

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