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StFX hosts 4th annual celebration of faculty authors

April 5th, 2019
L-r, Dr. Kevin B. Wamsley; Dr. Lavinia Stan; Dr. Steve Baldner; Dr. Corrine Cash; Dr. Peter Clancy; Dr. L. Jane McMillan; Dr. William Sweet; Dr. David Young; Dr. Wendy Kraglund-Gauthier; Dr. Robert Zecker; Dr. Suzanne Stewart; Dr. Steven Marmura; Dr. Richard Isnor; and Dr. Don Abelson.

Members of the StFX community once again gathered to celebrate scholarship, this time at the 4th Annual Celebration of StFX Authors held to recognize StFX faculty authors who have published books in 2018. 

The event, held in the Sobey Foundation Reading Lounge in the Physical Sciences Building, was hosted by Dr. Kevin B. Wamsley, StFX Academic Vice-President, and Dr. Richard Isnor, Associate Vice-President Research and Graduate Studies. 

The books published in 2018 included:

1. Robert Zecker, History

• Robert M. Zecker, “A Road to Peace and Freedom: The International Workers Order and the Struggle for Economic Justice and Civil Rights 1930-1954” (Philadelphia: Temple University Press, 2018)

2. Don Abelson, Political Science

• “Do Think Tanks Matter? Assessing the Impact of Public Policy Institutes." Third Edition. McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2018

3. David Young, Education

• Young, D.C, Kraglund-Gauthier, W.L. & Ryan, T.G. (Eds). (2018). “Readiness for the field: Perspectives from within the triangle of teacher education.” Champaign, IL: Common Ground

4. Christopher Byrne, Philosophy

• Byrne, Christopher, “Aristotle’s Science of Matter and Motion." University of Toronto Press, in 2018

5. Suzanne Stewart, English/Catholic Studies

• Stewart, Suzanne, “The Tides of Time, A Nova Scotia Book of Seasons.” Pottersfield Press (Nov. 27, 2018)

6. Stephen Marmura, Sociology

• Marmura, Stephen,“The Wikileaks Paradigm: Paradoxes and Revelations” Palgrave/Macmillan. September 2018. ISBN 978-3-319-97139-1

7. Steve Baldner, Philosophy

• “Thomas Aquinas: Basic Philosophical Writing.” Edited and Translated by Steven Baldner. Peterborough, ON: Broadview Press, 2018. ISBN 978-1-55481-372-8

8. Corrine Cash, Coady International Institute

• “Water, Energy, Food and People Across the Global South: ‘The Nexus’ in an Era of Climate Change” Editors: Swatuk, Larry; Cash, Corrine (Eds.) (2018)

9. Lavinia Stan, Political Science

• Cynthia Horne and Lavinia Stan, eds., “Transitional Justice And the Former Soviet Union, Reviewing the Past, Looking toward the Future” New York: Cambridge University Press 2018

10. Peter Kikkert, Irving Shipbuilding Inc. Research Chair in Canadian Artic Marine Security Policy

• Jennifer Arthur-Lackenbauer, Peter Kikkert and P. Whitney Lackenbauer “Familiar Fields to Foreign Soil Three Rural Townships at War, 1914-1918” GA Printing of Norwich, Ontario 2018

11. William Sweet, Department of Philosophy

• William Sweet “Philosophy Re-engaging Cultures and Ways of Life” (Washington, DC: Council for Research in Values and Philosophy, 2018) [ed., with George F. McLean]. ISBN 9781565183384 (pbk.) 

12. L. Jane McMillan, Department of Anthropology

• L. Jane McMillan “Truth and Conviction: Donald Marshall Jr. and the Mi’kmaw Quest for Justice” UBC Press 2018; ISBN 978-0-7748-3748-4

13. James Mensch, Political Science (Retired)

• Mensch, James, “Selfhood and Appearing, The Intertwining” Boston: Brill 2018. ISSN: 1875-2470

14. Peter Clancy, Political Science (Retired)

• “From Nova Scotia to Algonquin Park: Memoirs of a Dirt Forester” Donald F. George with Assistance from Peter Clancy, Friends of Algonquin Park, 2018. ISBN 978-1-894993-74-6


This research is, in part, made possible by the Government of Canada Research Support Fund.

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