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The ABCs of StFX

December 16th, 2016
Olivia MacDonald holds a copy of the new book, The ABCs of StFX

The StFX Alumni Affairs Office has produced a new children’s book that celebrates StFX with every letter of the alphabet.

The ABCs of StFX highlights university life from ‘A’ to ‘Z,’ helping children learn their ‘ABC’s’ while learning about some of the great things that make the StFX experience what it is, from academics through to exams, from O-Crew to X-Ring.

“Every time I show it to people, I’m happy,” says Alumni Affairs Director Mary Jessie MacLellan who had the idea of producing a children’s book for about five to six years.

This year, thanks to StFX Co-op student Olivia MacDonald, who spent the summer working in the Alumni Office, Ms. MacLellan was able to move the idea from concept to reality.

“Olivia had a great summer. She’s an awesome student. We talked about the book and she said she would do it. She did everything. She planned the letters, she arranged the photo shoot with university photographer Blaise MacMullin and she laid out the book.”

The book features the StFX mascots, Super Xavia and Captain X, at different locations across campus, which each photo highlighting a different letter.

“I found it really rewarding. I got to see the cool aspects of campus,” says Ms. MacDonald. She says she enjoyed the entire process involved, in particular going around campus to plot out each letter to capture what makes StFX so iconic.

“I got to use my creativity skills. I had a lot of opportunity to work outside my comfort zone and to do things I never would have thought I could do.”

Ms. MacLellan says she had copies of the book at a recent alumni event where one graduate bought four copies, one for each of her grandchildren. Another, a former mascot, said he can’t wait to read it to his children.

“Some of our alumni talk about StFX to their kids from the day they are born, some sing Hail and Health, and people send their baby pictures in to the AlumniNews magazine. So it was fun to be able to do something for kids.”

While it is aimed at children, Ms. MacLellan says current students and adults alike will enjoy it. “It’s a walk down memory lane for our alumni, and current students will find themselves in the pictures.”

The ABCs of StFX costs $15 and is available online and in-store at the StFX Campus Store and locally at StFX Alumni House in Xavier Hall. 


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