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StFX philosophy professor invited visiting professor in China

December 14th, 2018
StFX philosophy professor Dr. William Sweet with Renmin University students and faculty

StFX philosophy professor Dr. William Sweet was recently invited to serve as a Visiting Professor in the School of Philosophy at Renmin University in China.

Prof. Sweet was invited under Renmin University's International Frontier Faculty Training Program, whereby an outstanding overseas scholar is invited to the university to give a course of lectures, aimed at providing Chinese academics with the latest academic research on issues of contemporary concern. Dr. Sweet gave a series of lectures on normative ethical theory and the place of intercultural philosophy. 

His Visiting Professorship followed on an earlier trip to China this year in August, where he lectured at Shandong University, in Jinan, at the Beijing Institute of Buddhism Culture, and at the World Congress of Philosophy in Beijing.

Renmin University is one of China's leading universities, devoted primarily to the humanities and social sciences, and one of the elite "985" group (so designated by Chinese President  Jiang Zemin in May 1998), that was "established to promote the development and reputation of the Chinese higher education system." Its School of Philosophy has some 80 faculty members, including over a dozen in the area of ethics alone. 

During his time in China, Prof. Sweet also met with scholars from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, with graduate and post-doctoral students from philosophy, politics, and law, at Renmin, and, later, with faculty from Changzhou University and from the School of Business Administration of the Suzhou University of Science and Technology, where he also gave an invited lecture. Dr. Sweet was particularly impressed by the students who, he said, were among the best that he has met.



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