Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada

StFX researcher seeks fresh tasting lobster year round

July 11th, 2017

Lobster fishing season may just be over but work continues for one researcher who is determined to preserve that delicious taste of freshly caught lobster into the off season.

StFX chemistry professor Dr. Shah Razul is seeking to improve the flavor presentation of lobster when it is frozen. Sounds simple but, not as simple as you make think.

Dr. Razul is studying lobster on a molecular level. “My research is focused on compounds called cryoprotectants. These substances protect biological structures from the damaging effects of ice formation,” Dr. Razul said. “The focus of my research is to better understand how these compounds can be used to cryopreserve cooked lobster meat in frozen storage. I am interested in how these cryoprotectants inhibit or disrupt ice formation and preserve the integrity of the biological structures."

Dr. Razul uses both experiments and computer modelling which provide him with unique insights into tuning cryoprotectants to be used in a practical way.

Dr. Razul is currently embarking on a year-long study to quantify the effectiveness of the cryoprotectant formulation. The study will also involve a sensory analysis which is a taste test in the near future.

The StFX researcher hopes his findings can be applied to lobster and other seafood species as it could make a big difference in extending the shelf-life and also deliver a higher quality product to Nova Scotia and around the world. 



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