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Academic leader: StFX English professor Dr. Mathias Nilges appointed editor of one of the world’s leading humanities journals

September 28th, 2021
Dr. Mathias Nilges

StFX English professor Dr. Mathias Nilges has been named editor of one of the world’s leading journals in the study of contemporary culture, arts, and theory.

Dr. Nilges has been appointed editor of the journal Postmodern Culture, a non-profit, scholarly, peer-reviewed interdisciplinary humanities journal published three times a year by Johns Hopkins University Journals. It began publication in 1990, is indexed internationally, and is widely considered one of the leading journals in critical cultural studies. 

As part of this appointment, Dr. Nilges, who has been an English professor at StFX since 2008, and director of StFX’s Frank McKenna Centre for Leadership since 2018, has also created an opportunity for a StFX student to gain experience working on the journal. 

“I am deeply honoured to have been given opportunity to serve as editor of one of the leading journals in my field of research, a publication that I have admired since my time as a student and that has published some of the biggest names in cultural criticism and theory as well as world-renowned authors,” Dr. Nilges says. 

“It’s a privilege to get to work with founding editor Eyal Amiran and with PMC’s stellar Editorial Board and editorial team. We have also created an editorial assistant position for an undergraduate student in English at StFX, which will provide future students in my department with a fantastic opportunity to work in academic publishing.”

Dr. Nilges says StFX’s first editorial assistant is English honours student Elise Canning. 

“Elise gets to work with our editorial team, our managing editor, and our book reviews editor, and she is in charge of work like connecting authors of reviews to publishers and presses.”

In their release, the PMC editors say they are happy to announce that Dr. Nilges is joining Postmodern Culture. “Among his many publications are two recent books: How to Read a Moment: The American Novel and the Crisis of the Present (2021) and Right-Wing Culture in Contemporary Capitalism (2019). He has co-edited numerous books and journal issues, including for Postmodern Culture, on contemporary literature and culture, politics, and literary and critical theory.” 

Dr. Amiran, a professor of comparative literature at the University of California, Irvine, says the journal follows anonymous peer-review, and publishes between five to 10 per cent of submissions. “Part of our mission is to encourage experimental work in the humanities and to advance theoretical and historically grounded analyses of contemporary culture.” 

Current and past issues of Postmodern Culture may be seen at and more information can be found HERE


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