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Re-energizing scholarship: StFX English professor appointed CRRS Tudor and Stuart Book Series editor

September 6th, 2018
StFX English professor Dr. Joseph Khoury

StFX English professor Dr. Joseph Khoury has an exciting challenge ahead. 

Dr. Khoury, a well-known Renaissance scholar, has been appointed editor of the Tudor and Stuart Book Series at the Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies (CRRS) at Victoria University at the University of Toronto. 

He’s been tasked with re-energizing the series at this world-class centre. 

“It’s an opportunity to try to make sure certain books that were very important for studying history and literature, and are currently out of commission, are available to today’s scholars.

“I thought it would be an interesting challenge,” he says. 

“They help us to understand our past, and they help us to understand many of the issues we still contend with today, and they make for fun reading.”

The CRRS approached Dr. Khoury to see if he would be interested in the task. He’s a Renaissance scholar, his well-received book Barnabe Riche, The Adventures of Brusanus, Prince of Hungaria (1592) was published at the University of Toronto, and he’s been active with the Canadian Society for Renaissance Studies including previously serving as its president. 

The books—all from the Tudor and Stuart ages, basically from around 1485-1700—will need to be conservatively modernized for spelling, grammar and for archaic words, explaining the word’s meaning at the time. Each book will need a good introduction to place it in context so that it is easier to understand, and to help make it an important study tool for students and scholars. 

“It’s very important,” he says. “These books are fundamental. They allow other scholarship to happen.”

Dr. Khoury says he is looking forward to seeking scholars who want to take on these books, weighing proposals, learning about new scholarship and new ways of doing things, and working with other scholars to carry the projects through. 

“The learning opportunities are immense.”

The editorship will require steady, solitary work, the kind of scholarship that is sometimes not given the kind of regard it deserves because it’s often done in the background, slowly and steadily, he says. It can be thankless at the beginning, but it is so important, especially when seeing the work suddenly picked up by other scholars who are grateful the work is being done.


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