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ELAP scholarship students from the Dominican Republic thoroughly enjoy time at StFX

April 11th, 2019
Junior Pena Batista and Sebastian Rodriguez Almonte

Third year computer science students Junior Pena Batista and Sebastian Rodriguez Almonte, both students from Universidad Iberoamericana UNIBE in the Dominican Republic, have spent the last four months at StFX on exchange through the Emerging Leaders of the Americas Program (ELAP) scholarship program. 

The two students from Santo Domingo, capital of the Dominican Republic, say they loved everything about their experience, from their classes to their residence, to, yes, even the winter weather. 

“We’re sad we have to go back. We loved everything,” say the duo who are now writing final exams. 

Both students say they so enjoyed their experience at StFX they are both planning to apply to come back to StFX in September as full-time students for their senior year. 

What did they like so much? The learning, the classes, the friendships, the professors, the bond professors have with their students, and living in residence, they say. 

“We met amazing people. They are all so welcoming,” Sebastian says. “We really felt at home,” Junior agrees. 

The ELAP program is funded by Global Affairs Canada and scholarships provide students from Latin America and the Caribbean with short-term exchange opportunities for study or research, in Canada.

The two students say they did a little research into several universities and StFX was the one they liked the best—including the opportunity for students from all around the globe to merge together and make bonds. 

And along with experiencing a new culture and new courses, they were looking forward to experiencing a different climate. They wanted to experience winter, Sebastian says. 

“We loved it,” they say. 

At StFX, they belonged to the International Student Society and say they enjoyed meeting people from different countries as well as many Canadian students.  

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