Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada

International collaborators join biology professor Dr. David Garbary’s lab

January 17th, 2017
L-r, Dr. Ju-Hyoung Kim, Dr. Eun Ju Kang, and Dr. David Garbary

StFX biology professor and marine botanist Dr. David Garbary has welcomed two international collaborators into his lab.

Dr. Eun Ju Kang of Chonnam National University in South Korea, and Dr. Ju-Hyoung Kim of Kunsan National University, also in South Korea, are both experts in the physiology and ecology of seaweeds, and both are currently working with Dr. Garbary at StFX.

Dr. Kang will be at StFX for the next year as a post-doctoral fellow. She is supported by a fellowship from Chonnam National University. Dr. Kang has previously worked with Dr. Garbary in Nova Scotia and was a PhD student with Dr. Kwang-Young Kim, Dr. Garbary’s major research collaborator for nearly two decades.

Dr. Kim is at StFX establishing a research collaboration. He is here for three weeks and will return in the summer. He is supported by the National Research Foundation, Korea,

Dr. Garbary says everyone is looking forward to the collaboration. “They’re bringing with them advanced techniques for studying algal physiology and we will be studying details of the process of photosynthesis,” he says. 

This research is, in part, made possible by the Government of Canada Research Support Fund.


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