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StFX to offer new Bachelor of Arts and Science in Climate and Environment

September 19th, 2017
Committee members include, seated, l-r, Dr. Dave Risk, Dr. Lisa Kellman and Dr. Andrew MacDougall. Back row: Dr. Hugo Beltrami, Dr. Shah Razul, Dr. Patrick Withey and Maica Murphy. Missing are Dr. Corrine Cash, Dr. Petra Hauf and Dr. Karen Brebner.

From learning about the chemical makeup of our environment to the political consequences to global climate change, students interested in an interdisciplinary education in both climate and the environment have an innovative, immersive new opportunity at StFX.

Starting in fall 2018, StFX will offer a new, four-year Bachelor of Arts and Science in Climate and Environment, a degree that will focus on both the scientific and social dimension of the environment in the related, but distinct fields of climate and the environment.

The degree will look at the physical, biological and chemical composition of the world, society’s relationship with nature, and how Earth’s energy balance affects the environment.

“This will appeal to students who want both an arts and science approach and who have very focused, interdisciplinary goals,” says Dr. Andrew MacDougall, assistant professor attached to the Climate and Environment program.

“Climate and environmental problems arise from the interaction of human society and the natural world, and thus have complex scientific and social dimensions,” he says. 

“Every student will take classes in both climate and environment giving them a solid foundation in both streams,” he adds.

Students will take 24 credits of core climate and environment courses as well as two concentrations, a 40-credit primary concentration and a 24-credit secondary concentration in either climate or environment. Students will also take 12 credits in the humanities and 12 elective credits.

Graduates should have a widened field of opportunity in the growing and ever-changing environmental sector, says Maïca Murphy, Academic Project Coordinator in the Offices of the Deans of Arts and Science. 

The Bachelor of Arts and Science in Climate and the Environment will replace the Bachelor of Science in Environmental Sciences to provide students with an offering that is appealing and contemporary. 

Among the committee who structured the degree are climate and environment professor Dr. Andrew MacDougall, earth sciences professors Dr. Lisa Kellman, Dr. Hugo Beltrami, and Dr. Dave Risk, economics professor Dr. Patrick Withey, chemistry professor Dr. Shah Razul, Coady International Institute faculty Dr. Corrine Cash, Dean of Arts Dr. Karen Brebner and Dean of Science Dr. Petra Hauf. 

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