Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada

Rankin School graduating first LPN to BScN Acceleration Option students

November 16th, 2018
L-r, AO LPN advanced major students Jennifer Hynick, Keith Torrey, Shauna Burns and Vivian Ramsay pictured at their project presentation

The StFX Rankin School of Nursing is looking forward to graduating the first students in its LPN to BScN Accelerated Option (AO) program next month during Fall Convocation 2018. 

In all, 20 students will be among the first graduates of the AO program, students who are also Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs). These include four students who are also completing an advance major project, which they presented on Nov. 15, 2018. 

The students and their project titles are:

• Jennifer Hynick, “Providing Ethical and Evidence-Based Nursing Care to Women who use Opioids” with advisor Marion Alex.

• Keith Torrey, “Raising the Flag on Transgender Youth and Access to Healthcare in Atlantic Canada: An Upstream Approach” with advisor Wendy Panagopoulos.

• Shauna Burns, “Experiences of Chronic Pain in Children and Families” with advisor Jacqueline van Wijlen.

• Vivian Ramsay, “The Registered Nurse’s Role with Pharmacological Therapy in Heart Failure” with advisor Marie Arnott.

“The accelerated two-year option (AO) is the same program as the traditional four year program for nursing. The primary difference is the courses continue over two years starting in January with students graduating in December of their second year,” says Dr. Debbie Sheppard LeMoine, Rankin School Assistant Director and coordinator of the advanced major. 

She says for qualified LPNs, who graduated after 2008 from the Nova Scotia Community College and completed a bridging program in collaboration with Cape Breton University, StFX offered LPNs credit for prior education and practice experience thus allowing admission into the AO program. 

In the advanced major option, each AO LPN student completed an advanced major study and practice in a focused area of health guided by an advisor.

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