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M.Ed. student wins cost of her X-Ring in Student Satisfaction Survey

April 11th, 2018
M.Ed. student Erin Lepage, who won the cost of her X-Ring, by participating in the annual Student Satisfaction Survey, celebrates her X-Ring story with member of the M.Ed. Mental Health 4 cohort

Erin Lepage of Ottawa, ON, who is graduating from StFX with a M.Ed. degree in Administration and Leadership, Mental Health Cohort 4, has won the cost of her X-Ring by participating in an annual survey for senior students that gauges student satisfaction and experience. All those who participate are eligible for a prize draw to win the cost of their X-Ring.

The survey is administered by the Academic Vice-President and Provost’s office and the Office of Institutional Analysis. It collects data on all aspects of the student experience from academics to extracurricular from a senior student perspective.

Ms. Lepage says she has had a unique experience at StFX due to the fact she completed her program off campus, out of province. The program has been delivered online, using collaborate, with a few face-to-face meetings.

“Therefore, for myself, although our cohort became extremely close, I was not completely aware of the community that St. Francis Xavier is comprised of…that is, until the ring ceremony! Our ring ceremony was the first ceremony to be celebrated off campus in StFX history,” she says. “It was momentous for everyone involved. It was at that ceremony when everything became clear, understanding what it meant to have a degree from StFX and what the X-Ring truly signifies.

“The alumni and staff who came to celebrate with us, including StFX President Dr. Kent MacDonald, made us feel connected and very proud. There has not been a day go by since I received the ring where someone has not commented on it.”

She says the X-Ring represents a connection to an east coast community and an immediate relationship with a friend, family or fond memory.

“I am so proud and honoured to be a part of this astonishing community,” she says.

“Another exciting fact about my ring is that in conversation with my mother, I discovered that my grandfather went to StFX. He would have graduated exactly 100 years ago. To add, my very supportive partner has a ring from exactly 20 years ago. Everyone has a connection!”

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