Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada

Strategic Plan 2017-22

The Board of Governors of StFX and I are confident that the following strategic plan will steward the university through the next five years with purpose, vision, and vigor. It reflects the leadership that we trust to anticipate challenges, seek opportunities for growth, and ensure the long-term health of the institution”. –Mark Wallace


This is the vision for our future

From the finest traditions of liberal education, we are recognized as distinguished scholars, as evidenced by exceptional teaching, learning, and research. We cultivate a vibrant community of academically-focused and socially-engaged students, faculty, and staff from across the country and around the world. We are welcoming, inclusive, and diverse, deeply committed to social justice and social responsibility.

Quite simply, we make a difference in the world.

At StFX, we are committed to Excellence, Equity, Service, and Dignity.

All challenges, responsibilities, and opportunities are approached with these values: our goals are informed by our pursuit of excellence; we are strong and successful because of our diversity and commitment to equity; we are enriched through service to our campus and broader communities; and we conduct ourselves with dignity – reflective of integrity, respect, and honour.


The pillars of our future

  • Academic Excellence

Student learning is at the core of our mission.Our immersive learning environment reflects the principles of liberal education: we provide rich learning experiences and opportunities that promote intellectual and personal development. Faculty research is integral to and informs teaching and the learning experience. Inspired by dedicated faculty and staff, our students develop into analytical, creative, and critical thinkers – global citizens who adapt and engage in an ever-changing world with integrity and curiosity.

  • Student Experience & Opportunity

Our unique campus environment, rooted in strong tradition, is centred around social engagement and fosters a sense of purpose, community, and active citizenship. Immersion in the StFX culture creates leaders who have unparalleled access to and support from passionate faculty and staff. After graduation, our students become part of a strong network of inspired alumni bound by their Xaverian experiences.

  • Social Responsibility & Innovation

We, as local and global leaders, collaborate meaningfully and use skill and determination to foster active citizenship and enact positive change. Service is central to our collective identity; in serving others, we continue the very best traditions of the university. We draw upon our substantial human resources to bridge theory with social, cultural, and economic innovation, enterprise, and practice.

  • Equity & Inclusion

We are a welcoming community, reflective of the diversity of the modern world and strengthened by our differences.We respect and support the needs and aspirations of our students, faculty, and staff by being creative, adaptable, and inclusive in our practice and policies.We provide opportunities to members of all communities to participate, engage, and belong

  • Stewardship & Sustainability

We use sound assessment and careful planning to allocate resources to best meet the broader goals of the university. We are purposeful stewards of our resources, considerate of our impact on the environment and our long-term resilience. And, we harness the power of our people: we draw on their knowledge and energy, and support their growth.


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