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Welcome to Earth Sciences at StFX, where students learn about the natural processes that have shaped the Earth’s evolution for over 4.6 billion years and continue to influence its modern environment.

Career Options

Earth sciences prepares students for graduate studies as well as a wide range of careers in geology, climatology, oceanography, environmental science, resources exploration and development, government, industry, and financial institutions where geological knowledge is vital for investments and economic planning.

The First Year

Earth sciences employs physical, chemical, biological, and mathematical methods to study the Earth’s materials, behaviour, history and environment. Students study fascinating field topics such as the origin of the majestic Rocky Mountains, the life and death of dinosaurs, and the origin and evolution of the oceans.

Degree Choices

The Earth Sciences Department offers honours, advanced major, major and minor programs. Joint honours programs are available with aquatic resources, biology, chemistry, and math/statistics/ computer science. Joint advanced honours programs are offered with business and physics.

Why StFX?

Often times, the most important learning takes place in the field, where studies bridge the gap between textbook descriptions and actual occurrences. The StFX Earth Sciences Department has a natural laboratory just a few steps away, where over 620 million years of geological history are exposed for study. In addition, the StFX Environmental Sciences Research Centre carries out international projects focused on research into global warming and climate change.

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