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Welcome to Sociology at StFX, where students are introduced to innovative methods of looking at the social world, human behavior and societies. Sociologists explore the way human interaction shapes our culture, and employ the ideas of leading social theorists for comprehensive answers.

Career Options

With a broad understanding of social interaction, cultural meanings and the development of societies, sociology graduates have an opportunity to impact people’s lives in professions like education, law, social research, social planning, social work and social justice. .

The First Year

Soc 100 (Introductory Sociology) acquaints students with the basic concepts and methods of Sociology. Key sociological theorists like Marx, Durkheim, and Weber, are explored, along with the principles of critical research methods. Each is presented as a tool for understanding a wide range of experiences, from the search for identity to the creation of a new ‘global’ world order. The works of these writers are also complimented by those of more contemporary theorists and researchers

Degree Choices

Students can pursue a BA with a major or an advanced major in sociology, honours, and honours with subsidiary.

Why StFX?

Sociology students are among the most active at StFX, which is often attributed to the professors who give them the tools they need to ask tough questions, make informed social choices and become personally engaged in change. This gives students a chance to explore different vantage points and gain access to in-house expertise in a variety of areas including social movements, the environment, the various forms of social inequality (including class, race, gender disability and global), and theories concerning racial equality, identity and the self, media and cultural studies, rural sociology, fisheries, criminology, disability studies, deviance, social difference, gender identity and more.

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