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Welcome to Music at StFX. In 1977, StFX Music launched Canada’s first dedicated Jazz Studies degree program.  We’ve attracted Canada’s most talented musicians ever since.  Jazz is a cooperative, interactive art, and our large and competitive Music student body provides continuous opportunities for peer-to-peer learning. Our outstanding faculty of instrumental and vocal performers and composers works very closely with students in studio, classroom, and rehearsal environments.  In addition, our Visiting Artist program gives students direct contact with some of the best jazz musicians from Canada and the US.

Career Options

For people longing to find employment that indulges their creative side, there are many career opportunities with an education in Music from StFX. Graduates obtain jobs in music and theatrical production, with cultural organizations, and in educational facilities. Some have gone on to careers in the entertainment industry (both in the performance and business of music). Regardless of the student’s individual goal, music can lead to a wide range of opportunities.

The First Year

In the first year of a Music degree program, a student focuses on the basic structure and theory of music, receives individualized lessons on their instrument or voice, and begins study of the history of and ideas behind jazz and popular music.

Why StFX?

Our reputation attracts some of the most accomplished musicians in the world. At StFX they develop their jazz instrumental (or vocal) performance and compositional skills in the classroom, ensembles, and individualized attention from some of Canada's leading music educators. As educators, they lead courses ranging from basic to more advanced musical performance techniques and specialized studies in music composition that varies depending on a student’s preferred method of musical expression.

Degree Choices

We offer a range of degree programs:
Diploma in Jazz Studies: a two-year degree for those students who plan to enter directly into commercial or popular music performance.  Courses include theory, jazz history, applied music (instrument lessons), world music, history of popular music, improvisation, and music technology. These courses are common to all Music majors for the first two years.
Three Bachelor of Arts degrees - honours, major, and advanced major – for students with a strong interest in music. These degree plans, with more focus on Arts courses, are for students seeking a balanced liberal arts education, or who plan to become music educators. These plans include continued work in applied music, improvisation, performing ensembles, and jazz history. Course work in arranging and composition is also available to many students. A thesis is required in the third year, and for some programs, a recital is required at the end of the fourth year.
Bachelor in Music: for our most talented students seeking the most complete artistic education, including courses in composition, small- and large-ensemble arranging, and modern jazz styles.  A recital is required at the end of the fourth year.

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