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Welcome to Canadian Studies at StFX, where students explore what defines Canada and how that makes our national culture unique. Students gain greater understanding of the country from an interdisciplinary perspective. It emphasizes the impact of multiculturalism, government structures, bilingualism, religion and history from a number of key vantage points.

Career Options

Many students take Canadian Studies while pursuing major and honours degrees in programs like political science and history. As a minor, Canadian Studies often benefits students wishing to pursue careers in Canadian government – as decision makers, strategy analysts, journalism, communications and policy advisors.

Notable Alumni

StFX has produced many prominent figures in the world of Canadian politics, including former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney (’59); former Nova Scotia Premier Rodney MacDonald (‘94); the Hon. Frank McKenna, former ambassador to the United States and former premier of New Brunswick (’70); Members of our Federal Parliament include Bill Casey (‘67) Geoff Regan (’80), and Roger Cuzner (’77), and Lisa Raitt (nee MacCormack) ('89), and we have had hundreds of past MP’s, MLA’s and Senators including Allan J. MacEachen (BA'44 & Hon'64) and Lowell Murray (BA’56 & Hon’05).

The First Year

Once deciding on Canadian Studies as a degree focus (usually by the end of a student’s second year), students can take courses in Canadian literature, politics, history, environmental and social justice issues. Popular choices include English 265 (Canadian Poetry and Prose) and Political Science 220 (Canadian Politics).

Degree Choices

Classes designated as Canadian Studies courses are offered by a number of different departments, including economics, English, French, history, music, political science and sociology/anthropology. A minor in Canadian Studies can complement any major in the arts program.

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