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Welcome to Aquatic Resources at StFX – an interdisciplinary studies program – focused on water, environment and sustainability – offered in Sciences or Arts. Located in a community nestled along Canada’s rugged Atlantic coastline, this program provides hands-on learning that explores water (freshwater and marine) resources, aquatic life, climate change, policy, and the complexities of human-ecosystem interactions.

Career Options

Many graduates go on to advanced studies in law, planning, resource and sustainability management, marine and freshwater sciences, and archaeology to name a few. Career options include various marine sciences roles, environmental and resource management, aquaculture, public administration, ecotourism, law, private and public sector roles as researchers, technicians, analysts, planners, enforcement personnel, teachers/educators, etc.

The First Year

AQUA 100 (Introduction to Aquatic Resources) explores the living and non-living characteristics that determine the nature of aquatic resource ecosystems, and examines the way humans interact with those resources. In addition, students complete a selection of courses that prepare them for further study in aquatic resources from local, international and sustainability perspectives.

Degree choices

Aquatic Resources (AR) is an interdisciplinary, four-year dual major program, leading to a BA or a B.Sc. degree. Students pursue Aquatic Resources as a major with one of: Public Policy and Social Research (political science, anthropology and/or sociology); Economics; Biology; Earth Sciences; or Math, Statistics and Computer Science. Advanced major and honours options are also available.

Why StFX?

In addition to being located near aquatic sites that make it easy for students to participate in field work, StFX also offers a chance to learn from the best with award-winning faculty who have authored research studies of international importance.

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