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Welcome to Anthropology at StFX, where students look at the social world and ask critical questions about the development and behaviour of human societies. Anthropologists explore the way human cultures differ from one another and attempt to explain what it is that makes humans different from other animals.

Career Options

The knowledge Anthropology graduates attain is essential in the contemporary global world. Anthropologists work in local or international development, in diverse careers related to First Nations peoples, in mediating cultural and social interactions in social activist, political, legal, education, tourist or business arenas, and in archaeological cultural resource management.

The First Year

ANTH 111 and 112 introduces students to anthropological perspectives and methods in human evolution, archaeology, social anthropology and linguistic anthropology.

Degree Choices

The Anthropology program at StFX offers honours, advanced major and major degrees in four streams: First Nations, Archaeology, Development Anthropology and General/Pre-Professional.

Why StFX?

Anthropology at StFX offers an excellent opportunity to engage with big issues in small classes taught by a team of academics committed to providing a quality undergraduate education. Many students become involved in program related projects and movements that take on social justice issues at StFX, the community, and beyond.

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